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Spiro Kaleidophonica Real World Records by Ky Junkins                     From the first note, the strings of Spiro coalesce to fill the room with a glorious sound. While some cite a Gaelic influence in the England-born quartet’s instrumental mesh, to this reviewer, the group’s fourth album feels […]

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Ain’t Nothin’ But A Dre Thang

ZuhG 12-29-231

Though they might not be stackin’ Gs, the tribute band shows business sense booking the La Salle’s show for April 19th.

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Dub Colossus – Addis Through The Looking Glass

dub colossus

The album is mostly sung in the lovely, ephemeral syllables of Azmari – one of 90 languages spoken in Ethiopia, and one that lends itself well to Dubulah’s epic sounds.

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Robin Bacior: From Coffee Shop To National Recognition

Robin Bacior color (photo by Neil DaCosta)

Gone is this stage fright-ridden, quiet, young singer-songwriter. Bacior’s tracks online sound professionally produced and her style is lustrous and ephemeral, kind of Kate Nash or Lily Allen without the attitude and with increased intricacy.

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