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The Mausoleum Of All Hope And Desire


It doesn’t matter when you accomplish something, only if you tried.

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My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend


Storytelling is like brussels sprouts. People keep telling me they’re good and good for me, but I just don’t want them on my plate. Give me pizza.

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Babes of Comedy


  I don’t have to tell you that stand-up comedy is dominated by males. You knew that from years of watching swarms of dudes appear on Comedy Central Presents. You knew that from attending one of the open mics around Chico and watching dude after dude go up and tell jokes about being a dude. […]

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Major in English


Let’s say you’re an incoming freshman who just happened to walk into Aca Taco and you saw the Synthesis sitting there—all neat and proper if it’s Monday, disheveled and askew if it’s Thursday—and you thought to yourself, “Neato! A hip local ‘zine. I must read this instantly so as to establish my street cred in […]

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Things Right With the Chico Comedy Scene


I’ve moved to Chicago to try my hand at the comedy scene there.

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Things Wrong With the Chico Comedy Scene


These are my observations about the Chico comedy scene and what it’s going to take to be better.

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Swanky’s Joins The Brawl


Peter “P-Train” Holsen of Kappa Kappa Chi would be overjoyed if Swanky’s was given its license.

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Preparing for the Zombie-Apocalypse Apocalypse


Everyone has a plan for the zombie apocalypse. Most of these plans are stupid, considering they all start with “go-somewhere-with-a-lot-of-guns-and-loot-said-guns,” which of course would just result in a mob of people killing each other over weapons and leading all the zombies to a few locations. Everyone seems (ill-)prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but no one […]

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First Impressions


Of course, it’s not just being handsome that determines whether an audience is initially going to like you.

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Narcissism in Comedy


I hope everybody gains some sort of satisfaction and validation from the things they do, whether it’s telling jokes, cooking, or building sweet Lego fortresses.

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Into The Unknown


People have been asking me what I intend to do with my degree and all I can honestly tell them is that I’m going to put it on my wall.

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Mapped Territory


Though I may be late to the Oscar party, and now everyone is talking about his new collection of stories This is How You Lose Her, there’s still something to be said about Diaz’s hilarious, natural way of writing.

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Second Saturdays at 1078

Second Saturday Soft Sculpture

It seems there will be something for everybody at the 1078, and that’s by design.

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Mad About Yu


I know “racism” and “stupidity” seems redundant, but the amount of dumb is so overwhelming it cannot be contained in one word.

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Puppet Show


It’s not even a choice for me to write. It’s a compulsion.

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