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Star Thistle Wall, Stolas, and Monk Warrior


My Wednesday nights are seldom filled with as much ear-bashing, hair envy, or striptease keyboard playing as I experienced at La Salle’s last week.

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Tanlines – Mixed Emotions CD Review


Mixed Emotions is a dazzling debut LP that successfully captures the intimate struggle between who we were and who we have become.

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Muse & Band of Skulls Jan. 29 Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Sacramento, Ca

muse 3

When I first heard it, the phrase “Rock meets Dubstep” initially made me think of frat bros doing kegstands to Linkin Park remixes…and vomit. Needless to say, upon hearing Muse’s recent take on the massive popularity of bass-heavy sound and finally seeing them perform it live, I was thrilled to be able to move past […]

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