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Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Come to Lost On Main

dri1 copy

Any self-respecting punker or metalhead needs no introduction to the mythic mosh warriors whose iconic mascot of a slam dancing stick figure adorns our front cover this week.

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Icko Sicko, by Icko Sicko


For those who appreciate furiously earnest punk rock purism it would be wise to listen up.

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Abigail Williams At LaSalles June 4th


In preparation for their show, I caught up with newest member, guitarist Jeff Wilson.

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Peelander Z

Less of a conventional punk show and more of a drunken rock and roll stage production of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Conducting From The Grave


The intrepid five-piece certainly displays skillful musicianship, but they elect to step outside of the chaos of bigger-faster-stronger with a varied, progressive angle.

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The Interview That Cannot Be Named


This absurdist punk rock legend thus came to be known as He Who Cannot Be Named, and 30-odd years later this anonymous tribute to anarchic punk rock perversity hasn’t slowed down one bit.

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Fight Music – Let Them Eat Cock


Let Them Eat Cock is an easy record to recommend for those who like cheeky, solid hardcore punk, but it’s clear that Fight Music could care less if anyone likes what they do anyway.

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Mogwai – Rave Tapes


It leads in the record with plenty of evocative potential, making use of sleepy keyboards and crisp, sparse guitars that almost sound like latter-day Earth submerged deep underwater.

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