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Oh, Synthesis


It’s time to set that all down for a while, take Ken’s pants off, and slow my roll. I’m cutting things out and making room for inspiration.

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My heart is coming back to life. I’m surrounded by people I love.

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Food Chain


Let’s talk natural things for a minute (in a grade-school biology sort of way). We’ll begin with plants. Bugs and bunnies and squirrels eat plants and their seeds. The bugs may be eaten by birds or fish. Feral cats enjoy birds on the regs, fish get bearclawed, and bunnies and squirrels are eaten by foxes […]

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Nacho Class

Fish Tacos

I live in Pittsburg. I’m sure it’s a Mexican-food Mecca, I just haven’t had the time to thoroughly explore my home base, what with all the commuting and extra travel and wedding planning and unpacking and such. I miss knowing where to find a good taco truck, which could be a sign that I’m getting […]

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Heirloom Pasta with Peaches & Balsamic Vinegar


Have a peach-fest, why don’t ya?

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Wild Dogwood


No numbing it down with a martini or covering it up with a roll in the hay…

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Smoothies and Chips, Oh My, Oh My


My children are in the kitchen a lot. It’s pretty cool. They love good food, and they like making things themselves.

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Stupid. Good.


Sometimes you think you know what you want, then you find something better.

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That Guy Bites

James Beard

“I came around the corner, and all I could see was this kinda chubby guy with bleached hair and he was yelling, ‘Who wants a taste of my Donkey Sauce?’ Man, it just wasn’t cool.”

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Jen’s Fancy-Ass Bunker


Once the chocolate is gone there’s no point in living anyway, so if you can’t leave your bunker after a couple years, just call it quits.

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Street Style

street style

Meet Shawn, with the “fancy little shoes.”

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Luke Soup

photo (10)

Try to eat. Know you’re doing all you can. Love one another. Really, really well.

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I <3 Chico/S.F./NYC


When I visit, you’ll know it because all those Synthie Duffy’s bucks will have been stockpiled and drinks are on me.

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Sneaky New Things


And then, magically, it appeared. The Jordan Vogal creation hit the shelf.

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Bulleit, Reed’s, and Five by Five.


Do I talk a lot about getting drunk in this column? Yeah, well, it IS the Synthesis.

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