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A Tale For The Time Being


Occasionally the small characters in literature can become the center of a story, changing everything; in this one, a tiny, ancient, bald woman does just this.

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Five Strange Books That Will Open Your Eyes And Change Your Life Forever


Strange Christmas books to amuse and delight. This list should round out any holiday collection.

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How I Wonder What You Are

10book"My Brief History" by Stephen Hawking.

My Brief History is more than just personal stories. Hawking reveals the thoughts behind some of his greatest ideas, and also shares his early interest in science, and his years at Oxford when his health began to suffer.

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About A Boy


Life will vanish, goodness will at times go and bend to darkness that is seemingly insurmountable, but stories like Erdrich’s can redeem, heal, and have staying power.

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One Is Silver And The Other Is Gold

portrait of a lady

Throughout difficult years of sorrow and disappointments she unknowingly had his love—a light from a distant sun warming her all along.

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Here’s Looking At You, Kid.

the other typist

With such a strong beginning, I was convinced I would keep loving the story as it progressed. What happened next is something I am all too familiar with.

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The Future’s So Bright

the circle

Humans have always been capable of great things, but unless we evolve to be better human beings, advances in technology will not necessarily advance us.

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Darkly Divine Comedy

Jaxx & Jim New Mexico Oct. 2012

I’m not going to lie; Jim’s interviews are more amiable than his fiction.

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Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light


While there are no clear answers on how to help these individuals, it’s possible the soldiers documented were drowning in plain view, because it is not enough to have just their loved ones fighting for their survival and health.

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