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Inner City Monologue


The city held thousands, thousands, thousands, all speaking an alien language, like a gray vapour rising from all their mouths. It enveloped and connected everyone

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No Prisons In This World


There is no one controlling you. There is no mass prison system of the mind; no sinister old white men holding dominion over the unsuspecting masses.

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Strangers on the Strange Train


A rustling sound near his ear made the boy jerk his head up

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Some Visible Sound


A hole lay open in the ground

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Lessons In Love With Stone Trolls


Well, master,” said the first giant, rubbing his face where it had been struck, “You told us to feel love for each other… but we can’t really feel very well. Hitting each other is the first thing we’ve discovered that we can actually feel.

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Sitting With Fear At the Movies


“Whatever you say, Howl,” the fuzziness replied.

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Animals In The Train Station


The conductor gave a start, looked around, then looked down, eyes widening at the extremely short person addressing him. In fact, Sheela wasn’t a person at all—she was a fox.

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Snake Meets Lion


Plus, it’s sexy to be a snake.

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Getting High With Stone Trolls


“You know, Howl,” the giant said, “I’m starting to think you’re not one of us.”

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Research Assistants


Howl was down here to learn all of it, to read every story, but after the perplexing realization that the written histories were changing and shifting constantly, his fervent scholastic resolve had relaxed somewhat.

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Howl, An Introduction


The room was pitch dark—indeed, the sun had never in its millennia of light-giving managed to reach down here, except perhaps in another age

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Stranger Dream Recall


And suddenly he remembered the monster, and blinked (still returning his gaze, the girl blinked as well). But it hadn’t been a monster at all, just some lonely creature the boy himself had made, to guard a door down there.

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Blaze1 Talks Shop


Blaze just released two solo albums this year on April 20th, Just Sayin and Fresh Out The Box, and toured the country as a supporting act for Devin The Dude and Berner.

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Pageant Dads, Heatwarmer (WA), and Belda Beast


Anything where Alex Coffin and/or Gavin Fitzgerald are given free rein tends to become amazing.

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Research And Its Obstacles, Pt. 2

the room_synthesis

On the door’s other side was the room containing the histories of the Lumanians, 1st through 3rd centuries.

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