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So You’ve Lost a Newspaper Column


Let’s start from the beginning: how the fuck did I get a column? Where am I? Why does it hurt to breathe? All good questions.

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number


The sequel to 2012’s shockingly violent, schizophrenic top-down killer, Wrong Number carries us back into an adrenaline soaked ‘80s nightmare that is at once familiar and different.

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Gabe the Patron


Somewhere along the line, Valve went from being just a game developer, to a market manager, to their current form as an innovator rolling out new content like an empire moving out onto a multi-front war.

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Idle Hands


Farmville understood the idle at its basic level: Make them wait, they’ll come back before long. A strategy of temptation used by all manner of vice-peddlers.

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There Came an Echo


The story is better than the vast majority of games I have played, the effort put into it sincere, and the utilization of voice recognition more innovative than most of the things I’ve seen in a year.

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Total War: Attila


Attila is made up of strong setting and bold experimentation, woven well into the gameplay and a little sloppily into the UI, and executed into one of the dirtiest, most desperate Grand Strategy games I’ve ever played.

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Sunless Sea


salt and darkness I’ve been watching recent release Sunless Sea’s slow journey through early access beta since its beginning in the late summer of 2014. Its premise was often sold as some sort of Lovecraft-inspired FTL, and that tantalizing idea caught more attention than the game itself. I even checked out its sire, Fallen London, […]

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Dying Light


Dying Light shines in its more “organic” moments of interaction: exploration, investigation, and carving out a niche for the threatened player. It’s in the opposite category where it fails the hardest: its scripted moments.

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Grim Fandango, Remastered


Grim Fandango is set in a bizarre and incredible Land of the Dead, which blends Art Deco with Aztec, Dia de Los Muertos with film noir

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Vintage Year


The story is simple, barely existent, and yet rather unusual

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Cahors Sunset


Cahors Sunset is absolutely not for everyone; it’s slow, existential, a touch maudlin, and French as a baguette in a beret.

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Gaming Without Gaming


While bumbling around Steam, I was struck by a sudden whim of poor judgment, and decided to take the Steam reviewers at their word. I purchased a small game ported from mobile called Hero of the Kingdom

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Lisa: The Painful RPG


Lisa is one my favorite games of 2014.

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Playing in the Fourth Dimension


Why not put the fourth dimension in games? Well, because it’s confusing as all hell. Aside from that, however, people are likely ready to welcome it.

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Contemplating the Classics: Doom 3


Apropos of absolutely nothing, I’ve been thinking about Doom 3.

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