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Why Fans of Game of Thrones are Really Fans of History

Hipster Jon Snow

Human history is filled with similar episodes, but one period in Roman history is strikingly familiar.

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Trayvon Martin and Emmitt Till


This tragic case reminded me of the even more controversial case of Emmitt Till.

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Jack Carroll

jack 001

Jack demonstrated that the point of no return does not exist.

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Alice Paul

Hundreds of women were arrested and, while imprisoned, started a hunger strike in protest of their treatment.

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Roll Tide: Football & Integration

Bear Bryant FBI Footb_Stur

On Monday of last week, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 42-14. It was one of the most lopsided national championship victories in history, and discussions ensued about whether Alabama was, once again, a college football dynasty. What was lacking, in my opinion, was a reflection on how Alabama […]

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Merry Saturnalia-mas!

Saturnalia was a week of debauchery and drunken antics […] and if Saturnalia existed now Chico State would have banned it already.

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LaMalfa La Misinformed

Doug LaMalfa, and other politicians like him, are dangerous for California. They are dangerous because the denial of global warming puts the future of the Golden State at risk.

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I see your Petraeus Affair, and I raise you a Reynolds Affair.

…it got us at the Synthesis thinking about sexual affairs in history-where does the Petraeus affair rank in most scandalous affairs in US history? Without a doubt, the Reynolds Affair takes the cake.

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A day of thanks has always existed in most countries, especially Europe. Puritans came to the New World having probably celebrated or at least known of a day of thanks.

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Tricky Mitt

Two years of his tax returns are missing from the public eye, which just leads to speculation on what kind of cookie jar his fingers were in.

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Getting Medieval with the City Council

Whether you know it or not, you are the progenitor of a long tradition of local democratic politics. Americans, and their English forbears are part of a lengthy lineage of local authority. In 1215, English leaders, unhappy with the arbitrary rule of King John, forced him to sign the Magna Carta, which limited the King’s […]

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