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Cotton Comes To Chico


Chico is a blues town, a poor man’s Austin, but rarely has it seen such pedigree. Cotton may well be the last surviving blues master.

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Although Ya Don’t Know Who I Am… Won’t Ya Listen To Me

flaming sofa

In 1973, it was $73.00 per semester to attend a California state college, and $225.00 per quarter at U.C. Berkeley (where they smoked pipes in tweed and played chess). I went to three schools, contingent on a proffered couch or artistic collaboration. I was escaping my insane father, and staving off the workforce. Like today’s […]

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That Feathery Feeling: “Birds of a Feather”

manas piece med BW

MANAS ART SPACE My laundromat’s adjacent, so I learned of the “pay to display” exhibit from one of a rotating cadre of eccentric hippie mamas, a la Dragnet 1969.

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June Gloom at The Maltese

there is no mountain not in chico but whatever

“Indie Rock” is a euphemism for weak, tepid drivel, espoused by seekers of a key-ring limelight. The Maltese is the go-to bar for this.

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Not a House 3: Eat Shit


My family was not content to pull the rug up from under me, they wanted me to sell everything I owned, or give it to them if I tried.

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Put Down The Camera


We were supposed to focus only on the now, and not what was happening outside or on Facebook or who was texting us.

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It’s Not A House, It’s A Home


Didn’t Poe’s Roderick Usher torch the place when the house, his family, and his own mind turned on him?

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My agitated brain reeled in the orchards.

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Hiking With Ghosts

japanese ghost

“You must eat almonds and romaine.” -My mom’s Hindu friend, before reincarnating

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This Is The End, My Friend


Now I can take the lowlife-infested hour-long bus to Chico and hang with the homeless in the Park Plaza waiting for hot fish to fall (you know what I think of the fish from that store). Maybe “cementized” rocks will pelt some pitbulls and they’ll go insane like when it thunders.

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The Dried Apricots/s.61/ep.13


I was in the ‘Dangerous: Keep Away’ market (Shemp Howard would pronounce it with an Australian accent as ‘DANGEROO: KEP AWAI’). The manager, customer service rep, checkers, and baggers were braced for my attack. I felt I had it in me, but merely muttered “FUCKING IDIOTS!” (Like Daniel Baldwin, I weighed 210), slamming my Cossack […]

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Bob Danny’s 21st Dream


“DAAANNNN???? Have you even beeeeen to bed yet?”

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