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A Sports Hangover


And just like that wild weekend and the horrible hangover that followed, we charge blindly, chasing the idea of fun that should be associated with watching our beloved national sport.

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There’s cuisine inspired from cultures across the world, which provides a wonderful option for adventurous palates.

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Where Do We Go From Here?


The problem is one that has become central in sports: the depreciation of the overall product in favor of a few well-polished products.

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So You Think You Want To Be Self-Employed?

Amalgam Logo_Large

When the magazine I worked at folded and my position disappeared like vapor into the wind, I was faced with a choice: return to form or take a chance.

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The Stoner Bowl


It is the odd hatred that has been directed at him for showing passion in a heated moment on the final play of an important game that puzzles me.

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A Sports Wasteland

kids football

Let’s try and remember what sports offer us to make our lives better—and to make us better people—and not what we can do to make athletes and endorsing parties ever richer.

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Anatomy of Half an Hour


Whatever walls you have erected in your life have been placed there by you and the choices that you have made. Time is not the culprit of your ills

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A Messy Foot Race


A few teams that were expected to lumbered into the playoffs like behemoths: Chiefs, Seahawks, and the Broncos. It is the under-the-radar teams that often make the largest splash

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We Need Less Talk: More Rock (Get It? Because People Sometimes Call A Basketball A Rock). Click Like If You Agree

Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two

There is a sense of wanting everyone to know what is going on, to have us all wait with bated breath, but then not to be judged or criticized for the manner with which they conducted themselves.

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The Curse Of The Best Record


The question is: Does the quantitatively best team win the championship? Is it the team with the best record going into the championship game?

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A Tale Of Two Divisions


I love basketball. I get crazy about March Madness, but the NBA is where the action is. Period.

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A Sunday Surprise

red tavern

The food was exquisite and the service was fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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The Weather Report


Another week in the books and the NBA couldn’t possibly be any wilder than it already is.

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The Weather Report


As the NBA season lurches into full swing, and October baseball has faded with a World Series win for Boston, there are only four things sports fans in the North State care about

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The Weather Report


There was something yawn-worthy about this last week of football. Perhaps it is the malaise that sets in mid-season as we start thinking about the playoffs.

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