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The State of the Commons, Part Four


Personally, I am liquidating just one theory this holiday season: Value and cost are not necessarily inversely proportionate.

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The State of the Commons, Part Three


Copyright is dead.

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The State of the Commons, Part Two


Net audio is stunningly diverse. One must travel beyond Facebook and Netflix to be reminded, but the web is an extremely deep and broad body of data created by innumerable individuals.

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The State of the Commons, Part 1


I would like to turn you on to a number of popular tools with which you can distribute/market/monetize your content.

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The Impossebulls


The Impossebulls are seasoned, grounded, and as cool as the concrete beneath the clear, sky-blue and vermilion dusk of summer.

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Stuart Ross – Way Back


I feel the music in my bones, but I am a word man at my core, and the lyrics that Mr. Ross writes are top notch.

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Ben Cummings – Foxhole


Ben Cummings is comedically self-obsessed, but I don’t mean to categorize his music that way. This single (plus two) is as selfless and timeless as any singer-songwriter can hope to concoct.

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The rhythm repetitively breaks down into beautiful little fractal fragments, gathering entropy, then returning to the ocean to coalesce.

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Dr. Mindflip


Over the last year or two I have gravitated away from the orbit of traditional copyright-protected art and culture so completely that I feel it is my duty to invite y’all to this celebration of unbridled buffoonery and liberty.

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