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Liberate Yourself, Go See Moksha


“So excited to play the brewery,” stated Sam Lemos, lead singer of Moksha. “We hear it’s a legendary venue. We’re just honored they wanted us to play there.”

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French Reform,Tiny Pyramids, & Star Thistle Wall Apr. 27th 1078 Gallery

French Reform Live Show (6 of 6)

I had the pleasure of watching three “indie” bands perform two Saturdays ago. Star Thistle Wall started us out with a puppy dog T-shirt, a feather around the guitar strap, and a hipster-style Bob Ross on the keyboard. Each song was so different from the next that it left me with questions like, “What was […]

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Homicidal Clown Grants Interview With Local Radio Personality

scawey clown

Why are dog movies so sad?

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No Teacher Left Behind

Image: Barbara Boxer

“Outrageous! This hippie Senator is distracting us from the real key issue—our military’s dangerously low number of tanks.”

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Gatecrash Pre-Release Midnight Tournament Friday January 25th Chico Magic


I thought to myself, “I’m still trying to wean myself off tying my shoes ‘bunny-ears’ style. We’re boned.”

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Punched In The Face


Coincidentally, it was this same week that I experienced, for the first time in my life, getting punched in the face by a drunken buffoon.

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Myspace : The New Facebook?

The New Myspace feels either confused, or confusing. It’s unclear whether it’s the creators or the users are the ones that can’t find a hole for it to fill.

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Midnight Showing of The Hobbit – December 14, 2012, Tinseltown


As for the movie itself, Peter Jackson has hit another home run clear into outer space. In fact, it may be near the not-planet, Pluto, by now.

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Five By Five

Jesse has given us a couple of recipes to play with and his tonics make a really elegant gift for a discerning palate.

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But when I opened that little brown box and I saw her tiny little form, trembling slightly though it was not cold, a wreath of holly hung round her neck, I knew I would not forget what was in this ugly box.

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December 3 – December 9

Aries: You have more power than usual. You may even end up purchasing a faster mode of transportation. Expanding your mind is where it’s at these days. (more…)

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Mickey Hart Band Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 Paradise Performing Arts Center

By Danny Cohen I got there a few minutes late and everyone was outside getting high. Dreadlocks and patchouli permeated everything. I waited in line with hot young girls, but I already had a free ticket. Half-nude West Africans out of an old Tarzan movie came out and danced like Zulus while playing Golden Gate […]

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PONO and Pocahontas, and Me

He’s a perfectionist, who records everything, and only on a full moon, with the right board and acoustics. 
His musical edge supplied by polio, epilepsy, agoraphobia, being a Scorpio, and his previous status as an illegal immigrant from Canada.

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Little Strategists

…if you’ve never seen two kindergarteners battling it out, trying not to eat their pawns, you’re missing out on a lot of cute.

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Collard Greens and Thanksgiving Soup

…whatever your meal may be, your greens are like buttah.

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