The Art of Matt Loomis

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Matt Loomis’ work, between his fascinating show posters and album art, as well as several stunning drawings of people and places around Chico. There’s something about his art that I find deeply appealing; there’s a sort of heaviness to it, a strange harmony between beautiful and menacing, ugly and grandiose… It’s hard to put my finger on why, but I just want to stare at it for a long time.

So, I invited him to come in and talk with me, slapped down a recorder, and said, “You know, in case you want to talk shit about anybody.” We immediately went off the record swapping a hilarious and meandering series of stories, nearly all of which I can’t tell you about. Except that when he worked for the skate gear company DC he had to live in Orange County, and “all the dudes there look like roadies for Pennywise or Guy Fieri.”

On an unrelated matter… As pretty much none of you know, local artist (and, like Loomis, one third of the legendary Dr. Becky Sagers, PhD) Aye Jay Morano is my neighbor.

Anyway, we decided it was better to just give you a little bio and let the pictures speak for themselves:

Hi. My name is Matt and I do art. Amy asked me to write a quick bio about myself. I’m notoriously terrible at doing this kind of thing, so if you’re already bored: just skip this part and look at the pictures.

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are drawing hot rods and Eddie from Iron Maiden (a LOT of Eddie drawings). I guess that’s where it all started, but it wasn’t until I was nine and saw Jim Phillips and Pushead’s skateboard decks that I became obsessed with it. For years, that’s all I did: I’d shut myself in my room and draw all the time in the hopes that one day I’d be 1/100th as good as Phillips or Pushead; social life be damned.

I’m nowhere close to meeting that goal, but along the way I’ve been incredibly lucky and grateful to have done work for some great projects and work with even greater people, mainly within the skate and surf industries and a ton of art for metal bands.

Everything I do is custom, time-consuming, and painstaking, all the way down to the lettering. There’s no use of clip art and I use fonts as minimally as possible. Everything is done by hand. I try very hard to not pigeonhole myself and be known as “that guy who only does -fill in the blank-.” As much as I enjoy doing art for metal bands and surf companies, I’m more than enthusiastic to step out of that comfort zone. Variety in work helps to prevent burnout, anyways. Lately I’ve been into doing landscapes in pencil—which, if you were to tell me that 15 years ago, I would’ve laughed at you. A lot. It’s amazing that I can look at myself in the mirror after admitting that.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the art; in the meantime, I’m going to shut up and get to drawing.

– Matt Loomis

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