Are You Thankful Yet?

By Sara Calvosa

Has everybody started feeling thankful yet?! “No, Sara I can’t wait until Thanksgiving is over so I can quit trying to be thankful for stuff and get back to feelin’ sorry for myself and taking everything for granted.” There, there. Let me tell you what I’m thankful for, it might help get the ball rolling.

I’m thankful first and foremost for tacos, followed closely by my family and my two porky kitty cats. I’m thankful for chili sauce and Tapatio, I’m thankful for rain, and rubber boots with which to conquer it. I’m thankful for sunflower seed butter, it’s the most delicious of nut butters in my opinion.

I’m thankful for my significant otter and for being in love (gross!) and for two healthy geniuses that I hatched in a nest high in a tree, and for them being too young to know that they didn’t really come from eggs, and I have a little time left before I have to tell them where babies really come from.

I’m thankful for friends and for enemies (I’m looking at you, Republicans and undercooked pork) and for soft blankets and every picture of a panda that I’ve ever seen. I’m thankful for my home, that’s filled with love and a warm kitchen and the sweet sound of children trying not to do their homework. I’m thankful for Lego and ping-pong. I’m thankful for cake and laughing really hard. I’m thankful for the color green and Michaela who does the layout for the Synthesis and Kathy, who it seems, is never surprised by anything naughty.

I’m thankful for technology, for rockets and outer space and every cool capture of supernovas and galaxies so that I’m reminded how very small and insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes I like to think I’m very important, it’s a lot of pressure feeling so important. Conversely, I’m thankful for late night conversations with my Aunts and friends, busily solving all of the world’s problems together, and I’m thankful that I learned how to make my Grandpa’s sauce before he passed away, gone to the great meatball in the sky.

I’m thankful that I’m chubby because if I weren’t, my life would be intolerably perfect and it just wouldn’t be fair to anybody else. I’m thankful for the readers that faithfully read the Synthesis, and the writers that write their hearts out because they can. I’m thankful for the word rutabaga. I’m thankful for electricity and funny people. I’m sure if I had one of those balance ball office chairs, Bill, that I would be really thankful for that too. (So would I! ~Michaela)

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