Another Year Has Come And Gone


I remember before we had a wee one in our home, and friends and family would say, “Just wait until you have kids. The years will fly by!” and we would smile, nod and politely agree with them. All the while thinking, “Yeah, yeah. Time is time, it goes by at the same speed, kiddos or no kiddos.” And yet. Here we are, with a 16 month old son and I will now swallow a little tasteless nibble of humble pie and then admit, that yes, holy crap, it does fly by faster. I honestly don’t know where those 365 days went, it seems like summer was just starting yesterday and we were slathering the baby up with sunblock and hopping in the pool every chance we had.

As I sit and write this, it is New Year’s Eve. Because of deadlines and when this will get published, you won’t read this until next week, but it is, today, in real life, the last day of 2013. I am sitting here looking back and feeling nostalgic for the past year—the ups, the downs, the sleepless nights, the teething, the milestones (the baby is now walking, running in a very wobbly fashion and talking up a storm).

I always like to look back and try to think about the best meals of the year, as we food lovers/bloggers/obsessive photo-takers/writers tend to do, and I am struck this year by how most of the meals were pretty ordinary and mundane on the surface, but hold meaning for me, nonetheless.

The first time the baby sat in the high chair and ate with us at the table—organic baby oatmeal for him, and most likely some take out or frozen meal jazzed up with a side of green salad or steamed broccoli. I can’t even remember what my husband and I ate, but the significance of finally sitting at the table for a meal, as a family, will stay with me always.

We were in Sacramento for a doctor’s appointment for the baby—a scary, stressful, sleepless-night-inducing second appointment—and were told that he was okay. He was more than okay, the neurologist said he was growing and developing beautifully. Afterwards, we met a dear friend for lunch and enjoyed a medium rare bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese on the patio, in the sunshine, with my healthy little family and a much loved friend.

With the new year comes new adventures and possibilities, new choices and decisions to be made. My first decision of the new year is that I am going to stop writing this column, and try to use that time and energy to focus on my food blog. If you like my voice and want to keep following my cooking (mis)adventures, I can be found at brownsugarandbacon.

I hope you all are ready for this new year, and I hope it brings you laughter, happy moments, and bacon…lots of bacon.

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Jackie is a sometimes food-blogger that is trying to balance the world of mama-hood and her love of food by getting in the kitchen and whipping up edible bits for herself, her husband and her 1 year old and by writing here in this space. She likes to keep it local as much as she can, and you will probably see her cruising the Saturday farmer's market, coffee in hand (always), and chowing down at local restaurants. She braises, she roasts, she can do a mean chiffonade and she firmly believes that bacon and butter make everything better.