From the moment it hits the speakers, ALO’s Sounds Like This enraptures one with crisp bass grooves and funky melodies. The album’s mix of upbeat and laid-back tunes create the perfect soundtrack for a good time. Floating keyboard lines and synthesizer effects compliment riffs of guitar wahs. ALO’s latest release delivers their classic Santa Barbara chill vibes, while also being surprisingly danceable. It’s a good blend of soft rock n’ roll and funk without being too poppy. After six previous studio albums, ALO have really crystalized the sound they’ve nurtured throughout the years. The recording also does a great job capturing the high energy of the band’s live shows.

Sounds Like This is a solid effort throughout its entirety. From start to end, it delivers relaxing, good-time dance music that’s easy to get down to. And for long-time fans, check out for access to nearly two decades of archived music by the band.


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