“Allahu Akbar” Shouldn’t Be An Obscenity

I am writing this column well ahead of deadline, so perhaps by the time it sees print my words will have been contradicted by actions that have yet to emerge from the Muslim “moderates” we always hear so much about, those people in the Islamic world who are said to share the evil Western world’s sense of outrage and horror at the atrocities being committed in their name. Currently, the silence from the international Muslim community about the atrocities being committed in Nigeria by Abubakar Shekau and his rebel band known as Boko Haram is profoundly disturbing. Boko Haram is the group of psychopathic thugs who kidnapped several hundred young women and vowed to sell them off as slaves. These same terrorists also killed a yet-to-be tallied number of people in recent acts of wanton killing, brutal murders carried out in the name of Allah.

I know it isn’t considered kosher among my brothers and sisters on the left, but if I had the power to rain down a drone strike on Abubakar Shekau and his men, to launch a surgical hit that would take out these monsters without harming the terrified women they hold hostage, I’d authorize that strike in a New York minute. But I wouldn’t implicate God in my act, wouldn’t authorize those deaths with God’s name on my lips, making some deity I imagined as my accomplice in terminating those benighted lives and wicked souls.

No day passes that doesn’t offer myriad reasons for moral outrage, but it’s difficult to think of anything more morally outrageous than the idea of using one’s religion as an excuse to kidnap girls and then sell them into slavery. That is the kind of evil I would like to think religions were invented to resist. So shouldn’t we be hearing a deafening cry of shared outrage from Islamists around the globe, all condemning that Nigerian monster and his band of equally monstrous cohorts?

And yes, I know the multiculturalism mantra about tolerance for difference, and nuanced understanding of people of other cultural or religious beliefs. And I know that good liberals who’ve read this far have been chomping at the bit to talk about American crimes and the whole back catalogue of atrocities committed in the name of Christ. But such moral relativity is beside the point when some asshole uses his view of Allah or God to justify oppression, murder, enslavement, clitorectomies, or an array of other ideas concocted by men to justify evil. If I’m going to get morally offended when a shithead like Mike Huckabee tries to use his twisted view of God to sell misogyny, then I’d damned well better be outraged by the silence of Muslims when an even worse dickhead is actually laughing as he enslaves girls in the name of his utterly fucked up concept of God.

Call me intolerant, but some things just shouldn’t be tolerated, not by Muslims, not by Christians, and not by people who have no God at all.

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  1. Lee Roader says:

    Yet you voted for a Muslim who just traded five Gitmo terrorists for one American traitor, and think that’s perfectly ok. People like you are killing this country.