A Steamy Pile…

Yesterday, during my weekly rummage through the garbage can in the kitchen, I found a large, empty container of generic coffee—so generic that its label read: “grown in one or more of the following regions: Africa & Vietnam.” Instead of brushing it off and gnawing a pile of rib-bones to smithereens, I paused for reflection. I thought to myself, “wow, I may still be around for a label that reads, “We think this was grown on Earth.”

The woes behind the scenes of the coffee industry, however, are fairly well known—yet the woes behind the scenes of the chocolate industry are lesser known and conspicuously similar. And this time of year, when a bunch of tiny humans are escorted from door to door looking for treats, chocolate is king. That’s not the case for dogs, though.

Most dog owners know that chocolate is our kryptonite, but they don’t know why. It’s not that we can’t break down the culinary ingredients of chocolate bars; it’s that a dog’s conscience cannot digest the capitalistic ingredients of exploited outsourcing. If you think digesting Indian leftovers is tough, try shitting out a steamy pile of immorality. Between Mexico, Africa, and Southeast Asia, the chocolate produced for the major players of the outsourcing game—Nestle, Mars Inc., Hershey’s—continues to pad the pockets of millionaires and continues to poke holes in the pockets of the poverty-stricken. So, I beseech you to consider: do you champion the merits of fair-trade coffee then munch on America’s favorite chocolate names? What’s nestled in your conscience? How much can you digest? Time to clean up the garbage.

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