A Pendant Named ‘death’

Fact: there is a Guardian Demiurge whose destiny it is to cause Time. Did you know? Time stands still, normally. When Ümpere puts on his cloak of dark matter, and swings his pendant named ‘death’, Time runs forward.

So what happens when he gets tired of swinging the pendant, or decides to divert himself with some light reading, or with a dip in the pool? Well, he does like to drink coffee in rest periods, with some rolled corned beef… But I suppose you’re more interested in what happens to our reality when the pendant stops… What happens to things like ‘you’ and ‘me’. Well, fine… I’ll tell you, but please remind me some other time to describe Ümpi’s fantastic espresso machine.

So like I said, Time ticks only while Ümpere swings ‘death’. Tick, tock… back and forth. The eternal circle, the winding staircase, the cosmic wheels spinning Time and existence forward and toward forever! While ‘death’ swings, we live. When ‘death’ is set down, we stop. We cease to exist (in the way you’re used to existing). Here is where reality actually gets interesting!

If only you could see it! When Time stops, angels and faeries and demons pour out of the woodwork. To your eyes, it would appear like they were rising from the ground like plants. Then these fantastic creatures closely examine all the dreams of all the living earth-creatures… then use the dreams as a blueprint for building physical reality anew.

Do you understand? There wasn’t a Big Bang that started everything eons ago in the past; there’s a brand new Big Bang, multiple times a day! Life is constantly remade and refreshed—you are constantly remade and refreshed—every time Ümpere goes to the bathroom.

Once you realize that your natural state is this… nonexistence, outside of Time, you can begin to notice when ‘death’ stops swinging. As things stand now, everyone’s minds ignore the non-moments, which are so full of busy faeries and demons. All that’s registered as ‘real’ is an eye-blink, or a moment where you’ve spaced out, or perhaps you catch yourself having a very strange daydream.

But if you have the desire, and the concentration, you can begin to intuitively feel the ebbs and flows of Time. Phenomena like the clock taking forever to hit 5pm will take on new meaning for you. You’ll begin to gain a feeling for when the pendant’s about to be set down.

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“Ümpere” in pencil by Nik Burman

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Howl was born in the wastes north of Hithlum, where only beasts and witches dare roam. He was raised by two old hags, Tabby and Wiles, who had an unhealthy fascination towards the literary arts. Howl now resides in a well-furnished cave off South Rim Trail, complete with an old iBook and Wi-Fi.