Our Creepy Town

our tour guide tonight is Chico resident Jodi Foster

Terrible Things. One Woman’s Story of Sexual Assault

This week we interviewed a woman (who requested to remain anonymous), who was sexually assaulted, and has agreed to share her story with us.

Women’s Health Specialists

One place that’s actually doing some good…

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I was pleased to learn that Dain was a former Novembeard champion, and told him immediately that his face was going to kick all those other face’s asses.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is the biggest name in adventure/exploration games at the moment

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Bloodlust & Ghost Poo

If you happen to drop something (whether it be your tail or your tampon), pick it up

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Grab Onto Your Seats…

Reading Amazon reviews is often time well spent.

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Our Creepy Town

our tour guide tonight is Chico resident Jodi Foster

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Getting High With Stone Trolls

“You know, Howl,” the giant said, “I’m starting to think you’re not one of us.”

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The Value of Entertainment

For this week’s assignment, your task is to seek out completely free entertainment for the next week

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Best Bets 10/27/14 – 11/2/14

Friday, October 31st ALL HALLOWS’ EVE CONCERT & COSTUME PARTY 1078 GALLERY Although there are certainly plenty of things to do this Halloween, why not put your money towards a good cause (Crohn’s Disease, in this case). With music by The Shimmies, Bogg, Sid Young, and food provided by TherapEATic Catering, this is an easy […]

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New & Exciting Events 10/27/14 – 11/2/14

27 Monday Chico Art Center: Community Art Challenge—Dia de Los Muertos—Drop off of Art. 10am-4pm, all ages, $5 for 3 pieces 28 Tuesday Ayers Hall Room 106: Award winning film “Big Night.” 7:30pm, free. Laxson Auditorium: Mummenschanz, mime-masque theatre. 7:30pm, all ages, $36/adult, $34/senior, $22/youth, $10 Chico State students Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall: Dr. Stacey Smith: […]

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by logan kruidenier logankruidenier.tumblr.com

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The Impossebulls

The Impossebulls are seasoned, grounded, and as cool as the concrete beneath the clear, sky-blue and vermilion dusk of summer.

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Hard Work and Short Stories

A story has to go somewhere, do something, and provoke some emotion. The reader must be taken from one point to another.

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Horoscopes – October 27, 2014

Virgo This week you try new ways to relate to others in your inner circle. You seek out deep information. What appears fake today may be proven to be real tomorrow. Tuesday and Wednesday you have your creative mojo working strong. You want to be a flirt, a player, and a lover all rolled into […]

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I got some mailing or other from Dough that I think I repurposed to scoop cat litter.

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Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild: In the land of beer and pretzels

All in all it was an excellently organized event, with an impressive turnout of breweries.

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Women (amirite?), a Fond Farewell, and a Warm Welcome

We have this tendency, maybe it’s an instinct we’ve evolved through so many generations of abuse, to absorb the fallout when these bombs explode. We make excuses for the aggressors, hide the truth from our loved ones, we make martyrs of ourselves

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Alien: Isolation

The Alien is undoubtedly the selling point of the game, and it deserves every inch of its hype. The creature is huge, and being spotted by it is as good as any death sentence. The death scenes ignore petty gore in favor of a tightly first-person display of powerlessness and primal fear.

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Nerd. Hipster. Feminist.

Ahh, words. What else could have the potential to emotionally destroy a person in one moment, then raise them up to feel invincible in the next? Well, meth. Probably meth.

How am I Supposed to Feel After a Catcall?

Read the full article here.

Get to Werk on that Size of Yours

Ironically, while it’s a pretty well-known fact that the average American woman is a size 12-14, this is the group that is going to be the least-likely to find something that fits like, well, a glove.

Best Bets 10/20/14-10/26/14

Monday, October 20th DEVENDRA BANHART EL REY THEATER Um, what? This feels like a very happy, slightly magical accident: Devendra […]

New & Exciting Events 10/20/14-10/26/14

20 Monday El Rey: Devendra Banhart, Andy Cabic. $24 adv., 7pm, 18+ Sierra Nevada Big Room: The Greencards. $22, 7:30pm […]

Lost Frequencies—Old And Busted

I left the show with elevated spirits and ringing ears and made my way up the straight stretch of road that leads from Chico to the farm.

Yes Means Yes

On the one hand, it’s clear that sexual assault is a HUGE problem among the college population…

So What Do You Do If You’re Assaulted?

According to csuchico.edu : Get to a safe place. Notify the appropriate police agency. If you don’t know who to […]


Art by Logan Kruidenier logankruidenier.tumblr.com

Horoscopes 10/20/14-10/26/14

Aries A shift takes place this week where we move from partnership to transformation. In order to be in a […]


We can’t know what it’s like for inmates with various mental illnesses.