Taco Tour

Everything is tacos. Have I ever had a life without tacos? What was my first taco like? Will I ever not have a taco again?

Tales from the Turntable

Do they ever elaborate, like “Please play something I can dance to—I only do Irish Step Dance…”?

The Mondegreens

What’s that old saying about how “you’ve don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone…” It seems that just as Chico band The Mondegreens are getting some traction in the local music scene and gaining fans, they’re hitting the dusty trail

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This Shit is Just Really Sad

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with us. I know it’s bittersweet, but really, so were we.

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Hot Flashes: Welcome To Chico, The Best Place Ever Invented Ever

by DANIEL TAYLOR • Originally Published August 2008
Hey Everybody! OMG did you know that people in Chico are the happiest fucking people on earth?

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An Unnecessary, Semi-Accurate History of ‘Hot Flashes’

Free drinks, the adoration of moderately attractive women, the hushed reverence of my tight-panted peers at emo shows; the fringe benefits were numerous.

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The Passion of the (Sleazus) Christ

My job is to create stuff out of words. And I wouldn’t have it without my time at Synthesis.

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Undercover Juggalo: Stream of consciousness at the ICP show

Walking into the show left me with the kind of nervous energy I usually only get when my car breaks down in the wrong side of town. Or when I’m showing a woman my penis for the first time.

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Black Eyes and Blue Balls

by Maurice Spencer Teilmann • Originally Published April 2005 | The world watches as Chico State’s Greek system takes another shot to the gonads

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Originally Published DECEMBER 2005 | I’d imagine that was probably the first time someone said the word “dildo” at an AS Government meeting

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Event Calendar – Week of March 23, 2015

Best Bets: Wednesday, March 25th Punk rock karaoke Maltese Are you anti-establishment? Me too! Especially that corner store-establishment where they kicked me out when I was trying to buy my dad-beers, because they’re fascist dictators… also I wasn’t wearing pants, and I was rolling balls on Molly. But still! Total dickheads. Come scream “London Calling” […]

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Sayonara, Synthesis

“You cocky little shit. Tell them I’ll have it in when it’s done. [CLICK]”

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Meter’s Running: The Wet Brunette

“There’s that son of a bitch!” I yelled, growling deeply out the back of my throat. I couldn’t even tell who was driving the other taxi but it didn’t really matter, the car was the right color.

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Service Dogs

The ADA gives disabled Americans the protection they need to interact with society with their help of their service animals. However, we in the disabled community have the responsibility to ensure that our dogs are well trained and well mannered.

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The sequel to 2012’s shockingly violent, schizophrenic top-down killer, Wrong Number carries us back into an adrenaline soaked ‘80s nightmare that is at once familiar and different.

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Insomnia and Revolution

Long-time Chico icons going off-line and early morning ruminations lead to a long, hot bath

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The End Is Nigh. (Part One)

Some might not understand us feeling gratified in spite of the Synthesis’ demise. But they’re idiots who don’t understand what it was like to work here.

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Horoscopes – Week of March 23, 2015

Aries You are re-born. There is nothing to keep you from achieving all you desire. Mars in the first house continues to give you backbone and strength. You are more driven than usual. Work on the little things that will make your personal life thrive. You are more keyed into sensual pleasures than usual. Major […]

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A Special Message From the Synthesis:

It’s with a somewhat heavy heart (on account of the gold, most likely) that we make the following announcement

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Bill Says

This is a tough one—bittersweet.

Outrage Culture

Outrage culture is the snowballing of defensive impulses, a kind of mob mentality, where they grow into a destructive force.

When People Say, “I’ll See You in Hell!” It’s Supposed To Be Insulting Or Threatening I Guess, But If I Got To Hell And Saw A Guy I Knew, I’d Probably Think, “Oh Nice! Maybe This Place Won’t Be So Bad. At Least I Know Mike.”

Los Angeles is such a great city. For only all of your money, you too can lease a pile of dog turds on which to rest your weary, bankrupt head.

Safe, Safe, Not Safe Anymore

We’re getting closer to the gate, closer, CLOSER. We’re safe… safe… safe and then whoosh we’re through the gate and my entire being screams, we’re not safe anymore.

Lost in the Labrynth

A noble experiment, the existence of “patient advocates” within the insurance bureaucracy, and an existential crisis fomented by an impending birthday.

Gabe the Patron

Somewhere along the line, Valve went from being just a game developer, to a market manager, to their current form as an innovator rolling out new content like an empire moving out onto a multi-front war.


It’s been four years since I traded in my life for textbooks as I left San Diego’s gay mecca area of Hillcrest to a neighborhood about 600 miles up north called Chico.

Final Countdown (You’re A Disappointment).

Listen up, ya bunch of dumb Doras, ol’ Huggins is blamin’ you for this. You know who you are, with your peepy gazers glued to your Twitter feeds and Instagraham crackers.

Inner City Monologue

The city held thousands, thousands, thousands, all speaking an alien language, like a gray vapour rising from all their mouths. It enveloped and connected everyone

Jerk Time

Horoscopes – Week of 3/16/15

Get beyond “he said, she said.” Words are like dust in the breeze as one thought passes into another.

The Ticking Clock

We’re financially stable, emotionally stable, love kids. It’s the perfect time for babies. But, there’s a catch: it might be too late.

Hard Opinions

You’re all just a hop, skip, and a swift kick in the ass away from sweet salvation, you smelly bunch of dumb-dumbs.

Idle Hands

Farmville understood the idle at its basic level: Make them wait, they’ll come back before long. A strategy of temptation used by all manner of vice-peddlers.

David, Please Come Back

We need him right now. We need a leader who can show everybody how to do the right thing, and take care of the country by taking care of their people.