Taco Tour

Everything is tacos. Have I ever had a life without tacos? What was my first taco like? Will I ever not have a taco again?


Tales from the Turntable

Do they ever elaborate, like “Please play something I can dance to—I only do Irish Step Dance…”?


The Mondegreens

What’s that old saying about how “you’ve don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone…” It seems that just as Chico band The Mondegreens are getting some traction in the local music scene and gaining fans, they’re hitting the dusty trail

Old Man Gloom

The Art of Matt Loomis

There’s something about his art that I find deeply appealing; there’s a sort of heaviness to it, a strange harmony between beautiful and menacing


Purple Rain

As compared to our Led Zeppelin IV tribute in Sept, this show will have quite a bit more mixed media; Videos, dances… We’re trying to make it feel more like a show start to finish. The music will be great, but we also want people to forget that they are in the BMU Auditorium in […]


Doin’ It: Chico Sex Confessions

Let’s play Truth without the Dare, Never Have I Ever but without the Never. We asked around Chico for your craziest, funniest, most awkward sex stories, and in proper drunken slumber party fashion, you told us things you probably never should’ve.


Hunting Cats

Dreams are receding from my memory, fast, into the blackness, pulled away the way waves are. Can’t make sense of them. There are just snippets, flashes: fur…claws…a sense of dread. I rise and begin gearing up.


To Be Young and Homeless

If we ever want to break this cycle, break this chain of poverty and desocialization that passes down the generations, leading to so many other problems that affect our culture and drain our resources… this is the best chance.


The She Things: F**K You For Jesus!!!

Come revel in the babeliness that is The She Things.


I Love You Honeybear Suit: An Imaginary Interview with Father John Misty

This week the focal point of our issue is the upcoming Father John Misty show happening on Sunday, January 18 at the El Rey Theater in Chico. Synthesis had an interview scheduled with Josh Tillman, the man behind the Father John Misty curtain, but at the last minute (the very, very, last minute), the interview […]


No Cissy Questions: A He Said/He Said Conversation about Transgenderism

No matter how much society wants to tell you you’re your genitals, you’re not your genitals. But you aren’t a bird.


Kyle Forrest Burns – Views of the Lost

In this age of mass production and strip malls, the stark realism of Kyle Burns’ photography is a breath of fresh air. A heady current of melancholy and wistfulness runs through each image, with the embrace of decay and the promise of the passing of time. Originally from Magalia, California, Burns spent time in Fort […]

Recent News


Interview With Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman

The audio recording from this interview is available for listening here.  On August 21, 2015 I was afforded the opportunity to interview musician Jonathan Richman at his northern California home. I arrived at his house a bit nervous. I’d been wanting to meet with him for a long time, and given the fact that he (quite […]

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Interview with ian Ruddell of Stonewall Alliance of Chico

ian Ruddell

Interview by Arielle Mullen I’ve known ian Ruddell from afar for a few years, in that Chico way of having seen or been introduced to everyone at least once. During my last semester at Chico State I was lucky enough to land an internship at Stonewall Alliance, a local nonprofit dedicated to being a resource […]

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It’s Like My Dad Always Said, “To Make An Omelette, You Have To Raise A Few Chickens. And Then You Have To Slaughter Those Chickens-Yes, Son, That’s Blood. Please Stop Crying. Do You Want To Eat Or Not?”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you into Canada, Sean.” I had been mentally toiling under the certainty of hearing these exact words for the last two months, preparing myself for the long drive north to end in a gigantic neon “NO” emblazoned across the the skyline at the U.S.- Canada border; but after a week […]

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Freedom Isn’t Free


So what happened?

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Last Call


It is with an overall sense of profound appreciation that I write these words. Thank you to everyone who’s ever walked through my door and every advertiser who wrote a check to help support this dream.

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The Vine: Once a Synner…


by Max Sidman | I stared at the words on the screen for a minute before I could reply, a thousand thoughts and memories rushing through my mind during that hesitation.

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Top 5 Synthesis Accomplishments

by Maurice Spencer Teilmann | Here’s the straight poop on five of my favorite/most memorable/most cringe-worthy things I did during my nine years writing and editing at Synthesis

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Al Green: Still Wants To Get Next To You

by Jake Sprecher • Originally Published Sept. 2007 | Sing your love and happiness; sing all of it.

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Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spanish Ladies

And I got to say FUCK a lot.

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Spew-o-Matic: The Legend of Esplanada


Every day she would walk up and down the Esplanade

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The Hall of the Gods

Best Cover Feature: Ganga Giri

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404 Not Found


Print is fucking dead. The written word and human experience are alive and well.

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I Lift the Weights so Gently, They Never Know How Strong I’m Getting


I like-like you guys.

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Slavery Still Exists

While we are celebrating our freedom from slavery, I would like to take a few moments to remember the people still trapped in slavery’s clutches

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We Get What We Give (And What We Deserve)

If we don’t appreciate this totally fantastic human diversity, these strange unexplored corners, they don’t exist for us, our worlds are smaller, and we are less for it. And then, one day, they’re gone.

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As a child, I could spend all day knocking around the neighborhood, maybe going home to eat, maybe not, but my family didn’t hear from me for hours on end, which was fine with me. Now such a thing is unthinkable.

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So You’ve Lost a Newspaper Column


Let’s start from the beginning: how the fuck did I get a column? Where am I? Why does it hurt to breathe? All good questions.

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One Last Time With Feeling!


Bad dreams, undulating testes, mid-life crisis and the end of an era

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Magic Eye Posters Are Still Cool, Right?


I’m sure with my impressive portfolio I’ll immediately be snapped up by one of the greats, like The National Enquirer or Dog Fancy. Actually, if any of you “know a guy” there, hook it up.

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Winter WonderGrass Festival 2015

I Love Bluegrass

Festival season kicks off early and with style at Lake Tahoe Words and Photos by Alan Sheckter The Winter WonderGrass festival’s first foray into California, outdoors at Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe, came through with flying colors, March 20-22. The boutique festival that boasted many of the West’s hottest pickin’ and grinnin’ Americana jam bands […]

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