25 Years of Duffy’s Tavern

What is it about Duffy’s? How is a place like that born? How is it cultivated? To answer that, first we need to step 25 years back in time.

A Diverting Tale

“Is stealing wrong?” I ask the Young Man. He takes a big breath. Exhales.

Recent News


Lofty Goals and The American Dream

People are creating new pathways in that pursuit of happiness: new careers, new value systems, new approaches to implementing social change.

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Linklater’s new film, Boyhood, which is playing at the Pageant Theater, is one of the most moving and incredibly profound films I’ve seen in years.

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Season Two Finale

The last episode of Season Two seemed to strike the balance that has always wobbled from episode to episode: stress vs. rest, dialogue vs. action, Clementine’s power vs. her vulnerability.

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The B Word, Part 2

Greetings new students! You’re just in time for the second half of a two-part budget column.

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25 Years of Duffy’s Tavern

What is it about Duffy’s? How is a place like that born? How is it cultivated? To answer that, first we need to step 25 years back in time.

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Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden

I’m not sure how many songs passed, maybe two, before I was completely engrossed. They were a little old and lazy, yes, but these songs are good

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Best Bets 9/1/14-9/7/14

Wednesday, September 3rd CAPTAIN SQUEEGEE 1078 GALLERY Captain Squeegee is a tour-de-force of psychedelic prog-rock, returning to 1078 Gallery after a Chico show that blew everyone’s socks off about 5 years ago. They’re a rock band with stellar singing, piano worthy of Elton himself, a trumpet section, and a propensity toward very strange music videos. […]

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New & Exciting Events 9/1/14-9/7/14

2 Tuesday 1078 Gallery: Pageant Dads, Heat- warmer (WA), Belda Beast. $5-$10, 7:30pm 3 Wednesday 1078 Gallery: Captain Squeegee, Eclectic Tuba. $5-$10, 7:30pm CARD Community Center: Chico City Council Candidate Forum. 7:30am-9am Sierra Nevada Big Room: Achilles Wheel. $17, 7:30pm 4 Thursday LaSalles: Happy Hour with O.B.E. 6-9pm University Art Gallery CSUC: Pablo Cristi opening […]

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The Death Or Glory Might Kill Me

When it is complete, the idea is that the structure will be nearly entirely encased in soil.

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Mayor McCheese: We Hardly Knew Ye

Mayor McCheese is actually just a family of wild turkeys stuffed inside an old hamburger suit.

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Mammoth Torta!

It’s all about the old local rockers.

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September Art Report

Most of the art is hung on clotheslines.

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Research And Its Obstacles, Pt. 2

On the door’s other side was the room containing the histories of the Lumanians, 1st through 3rd centuries.

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And Then One Day, I Was The Weirdo

Connecting isn’t impossible, but it is damnably awkward.

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They were exquisite.

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Art by Logan Kruidenier logankruidenier.tumblr.com

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Horoscopes 9/1/14-9/7/14

Aries Now is a good time to give thanks and praise that you are still alive and that a sense of hope permeates your being. Monday through Wednesday are positive but will require some dedication to study, generosity or just doing the right thing. Much of the intensity of the things you’ve been going through […]

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Welcome Back!

Don’t put giant, spray-painted signs in your yard that say “Daughter Drop off.” For one, the only people who will be laughing are your douchey bros


Many spit that Mountain is not a game, only a screensaver… Others call it a work of art that requires a deep seated soulfulness.

Local Band Directory

[Possibly} Every Band in Town. List by Sesar Sanchez, Bios by Alex Light, Bob Howard, Zooey Mae, Amy Olson, and Jon Williams

Best Bets 8/25/14-8/31/14

Wednesday, August 27th LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY PAGEANT THEATRE “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey With Mumia Abu-Jamal” tells the story of […]

New & Exciting Events 8/25/14-8/31/14

26 Tuesday Duffys: Mammoth Torta, Murmurs. $5, 9:30pm 27 Wednesday Sierra Nevada: Black Lillies. $17, 7:30pm Pageant Theatre: Free screening […]

Because, FUNK… Duuh!

Some festivals give off a shady vibe, but the opposite was true in Belden last weekend.

Cyberbullied By Satan

After the priest responded, the devil hit him back, hard.

Seems Strange To Me

The police, so far as I can tell, could use a few less CYA classes and a few more “how to be a decent human being” sessions.


Art by Logan Kruidenier logankruidenier.tumblr.com

Horoscopes 8/25/14-8/31/14

Aries Get you nose into your work. Seek a peaceful resolution to conflicts that arise with others. Be alright with […]

Pet Care

I’m not ready to decide what the correct number of cats is, and I suspect that any such decision is arrogant and short-sighted.

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Can there be such a thing as a crimeless victim? If the person who causes the suffering of another is obliviously acting in a way they perceive to be normal, are they truly a transgressor?

Dr. Mindflip

Over the last year or two I have gravitated away from the orbit of traditional copyright-protected art and culture so completely that I feel it is my duty to invite y’all to this celebration of unbridled buffoonery and liberty.

The B Word, Part 1

Typically, the first budget suggestion/commandment is “Spend less than you earn.” It’s good advice, but occasionally it’s mathematically impossible.

Risen 3: The Titan Lords

Although initially somewhat frustrating, the combat system of Risen 3 won me over for a while. Eventually, however, I discovered that certain skills are left with a paucity of good items