An Interview with Ave Grave

Sean Galloway has branched out on his own to develop a solo project entitled Ave Grave. In August he released his first full length album, a seamless blend of haunting melodies and memorable lyrics

Blaze1 Talks Shop

Blaze just released two solo albums this year on April 20th, Just Sayin and Fresh Out The Box, and toured the country as a supporting act for Devin The Dude and Berner.

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She needed the stability, the money; she hoped it would mean she had equal voice in decisions that affected her. But maybe that isn’t enough anymore? Maybe it never was? After 307 years, the marriage may be falling apart.

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Personal Percentages

She paid off her debts in six months, and then started putting that 35% into saving for a down payment on a house. That’s the power of examining the percentages.

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I Should Probably Talk About Zoe Quinn

Quinn’s game has been lambasted, armies of hateful emails have been sent, threats that would make an inquisitor cringe have started long and heated threads, and her personal information has been stolen and leaked

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An Interview with Ave Grave

Sean Galloway has branched out on his own to develop a solo project entitled Ave Grave. In August he released his first full length album, a seamless blend of haunting melodies and memorable lyrics

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Ave Grave – Album Review

Right from the start, you feel like you’re drifting down a misty river of distant yearnings. The guitar tones are wet, the vocals bubble with reverb, the organ rises and falls like water over stones.

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Best Bets – September 15, 2014

In the group’s latest Cirque Peking you will see things you always suspected MIGHT be possible to accomplish with a body

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New & Exciting Events – September 15, 2014

16 Tuesday  Laxson: National Acrobats of China. $30 adults, $10 students, 7:30pm. 17 Wednesday  Harlen Adams Theatre: Peace Institute lecture: US Foreign Policy, Myth vs. Reality. Free, 7:30pm Red Tavern: Los Caballitos de la Cancion Quartet live. 6:30-8:30pm 18 Thursday  Blue Room: The Outsiders. $12 adv., $15 door, 7:30pm Chico Theatre Company: Barefoot In The […]

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Life Beyond the NFL

It all got me to thinking about football and how the sport has grown from a group of adrenaline-jonesing World War Two veterans engaging in a rag-tag weekly melee, to the ultra-choreographed, oily-slick, media-savvy, money-laden juggernaut we have before us today.

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Thanks for Your Concern, Guys

Although snark generally reads as anger, I’m not actually good and pissed very often. Today is an exception.

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Gaytheist, Los New Heuvos, Teeph, and #whitegirlwasted

 Sept. 10th @ Monstros Pizza  For a Wednesday night, it was a pretty packed house at Monstros. The small pizza joint was filled with people anxious to catch the new bands that played alongside the established heavy hitters. Or maybe I should say established band, because Teeph was the only band anyone had seen before. […]

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One Kick

If you’re looking for a great read, one book you should add to the top of your reading list is One Kick by Chelsea Cain.

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Stranger Dream Recall

And suddenly he remembered the monster, and blinked (still returning his gaze, the girl blinked as well). But it hadn’t been a monster at all, just some lonely creature the boy himself had made, to guard a door down there.

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 by logan kruidenier  

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Horoscopes – September 15, 2014

Love and creativity sometimes go hand in hand. Other times they take vacations away from each other in order to perfect their self knowledge.

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I don’t mind the occasional typo or even poor usage, but there’s a level of technical sloppiness that will cause me not to read something, not an easy task because I want to read enough to know whether I want to read the rest.

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Crazy Lips Sewn Shut Guy

After a few whatever dates with Every Generic Tattoo Guy and Socially Awkward Music Store Clerk, I stumbled across this guy who was weird enough to actually hold my interest.

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Battlemage is founded on rejecting the principle of the shackled mage… It has, unfortunately, failed miserably in this goal.

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No Touching

Today is my birthday. I’ve reached the last year of my twenties, and for the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to do an inventory, of sorts, of things I’ve learned


The rhythm repetitively breaks down into beautiful little fractal fragments, gathering entropy, then returning to the ocean to coalesce.

Best Bets 9/8/14 – 9/14/14

Monday, September 8th KEITH GREENINGER THE RENDEZVOUS The award winning singer songwriter comes to Chico to celebrate his newly released […]

New & Exciting Events 9/8/14 – 9/14/14

9 Tuesday Sierra Nevada Big Room: Dustbowl Revival. $17, 7:30pm 10 Wednesday DownLo: Pat Hull, Julian Ruck, Olivia Awbrey (PDX), […]

Prisoners Can Make A Pretty Decent Hooch

Even if it tastes like hell it will do the trick.

A Ginger Answers Your Questions

There are many legends about that fantastic creature known as the redhead.

Pageant Dads, Heatwarmer (WA), and Belda Beast

Anything where Alex Coffin and/or Gavin Fitzgerald are given free rein tends to become amazing.

Gaytheist Comes To Monstros September 10th

They are not metal. They are rock and roll at its finest.

A Crack In The Climate: Butcher Shop 2014

I love the massive community that comes out to enjoy it, the feeling of having this special experience in common.


Art by Logan Kruidenier

Horoscopes 9/8/14-9/14/14

Aries The first couple of days this week are dedicated to the full moon in your twelfth house, and all […]


At this stage of my life, the number of things I realize that I’ll never do steadily increases.